Remote Farm Institut für Festkörperphysik
Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen

Handling of the Remote Experiments

In order to control the experiments of the Remote Farm you need to be registered. Most of our experiments are controlled by a software called "LabView". We recommend the installation of a vnc-client software. With the vnc-viewer you can then connect to a server, where all necessary software is pre-installed.

Request Control

Just one person can control an experiment at a time. You can get control over the VI by right-clicking anywhere on the front panel and selecting "Request Contol of VI" from the shortcut menu. The connection to the experiments is handled by our booking-system. Please log-in and select a preferred time-slot.

Start the Experiment

Now, you have to start the program. For this, there are several buttons available on the top left:

start program

program is running


Now, the experiment is running. You can find details on handling and control of any specific experiment on the description pages under experiments. Some of the VIs save all measured data as a textfile on the server, which can be downloaded afterwards. If so, you will find a link to the file on the description page of the experiment.

Finish the Experiment

In every Remote-Experiment you will find a button labeled "Stop Program". Please use this button to stop the setup in our lab. You will then be logged out by the system, to prevent another person from experimenting with your account.

Release Control

As long as you control the experiment, other users can only watch. If you finished experimenting, please release control, otherwise others would have to wait for the timeout (5 minutes) before they can get control. The process is similar to the one above when you requested control: right-click on the front panel, choose release control. Thank you.